Antje Simdorn, 

A Woman With A Mission!


Multi-Platinum Certified Hollywood Producer recruits German Life Coach to his Global Charity Movement - “One World”, with the cause to spread awareness of the importance of “Unity” Worldwide!


Geo Slam, who also is a Leading High-Ranked Mindset and Mental Health Coach for A-Listed Music Artists, is known to handpick the people he surrounds himself with great care.

And Antje Simdorn is no exception!


Purpose And Direction

  Antje Simdorn is a Life Coach, Lawyer, Experienced Humanitarian, and a Fetish Model all packaged into one person. For over a decade, her mission has been to help Women Of All Ages Sustainably Improve Their Lives, Careers, and Relationships! "Women CAN, Women SHOULD, Women WINS" is one of her many statements she empowers her followers with, and she lives as a true example by it herself! On top of that she holds a Master's Degree in International Humanitarian Action and has worked in various humanitarian projects in Africa, Asia and Europe.  

Lawyer And A Fetish Model? How does that fit together?

  Antje Simdorn is convinced that all people have different and unique sides to themselves and that the first big step towards “Real Self-Confidence” is to acknowledge all these sides and then “Act Out”, in the next step. As a well sought-after Fetish Model, she knows what she’s talking about.   She states that most people forbid themselves to live as they want because they are constantly ashamed of everything and afraid of being judged by other people. Sad but true, but she encourages all women to express themselves as they want to and be proud of it!   

The “Life” As A Life Coach

  "Women can achieve anything they want" is a motto of Antje Simdorn that she lives and teaches by. "There is no such thing as impossible," but are you up for the challenge?  Are you going all-in and making things happen for you in your life? If you don't, she could help you with exactly that!   Dare to be Brave, Vulnerable, and an Extraordinary Woman for yourself ! And after that, to others. The world needs Authenticity for Authenticity and Truth!  

One World - Catching Fire


Antje Simdorn loves individuality and the difference between people. Different Goals, Dreams, Looks, Cultures, Religions, Philosophies, and the list goes on…


Antje Simdorn was recently recruited by the Multi-Platinum Certified Hollywood Producer 

Geo Slam to join his Global Charity Movement One World as an Ambassador with the cause to spread awareness of the importance of “Unity” Worldwide!


Acceptance of Individuality and Diversity leads to Love and Understanding.

Antje Simdorn thinks that all these differences, when we see them as diversity, are a great asset to all of us and great gifts! 

We share knowledge of our differences together so that, in the end, everyone gets more out of it. 

Antje Simdorn has a global network at her hands. For the “One World Catching Fire project”, she has gathered and engaged people around the World. 

She was amazed when she realised how many different people came together from so many countries and cultures, proving we are all "only" humans after all! 


We all have so much to give and so much to share. And now it's time to do that, especially during this Pandemic period. Because if we support each other, we will all grow - and grow together. And then we can turn our beautiful blue planet back into the paradise that it truly is. Together we can do it! One world-catching fire….


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