Flora and Fauna of Costa Rica

The Highlights of Costa Rica’s Tourism

Around the globe, tourism provides tourists with a unique opportunity to sample the cuisine, culture, geography, flora, and animals of their destination. Many poor nations rely on this business, which emphasizes the significance of going back out and traveling after the epidemic has passed. Doing some study into the tourism of your vacation location before you arrive, like with everything else, may help you arrange an exciting trip.

Because of the short flight duration of 4 hours and 41 minutes, Costa Rica has grown in appeal as a tourist destination for Americans. It also has a decent safety rating, especially given the low cost of visiting and living in this lovely nation. Costa Rica offers something for everyone, with cloud jungles, mountain riding, endless beaches, and gorgeous ancient churches.

Here are some of Costa Rica's tourist highlights.

Rainforests in Clouds

As the name implies, these are rainforests that are high enough in elevation and have enough moisture to produce low-lying clouds in the canopy. This kind of landscape is only seen in a few nations throughout the globe, therefore it's something you shouldn't miss when visiting Costa Rica. They often include a variety of flora and wildlife that is unique to the region, so be sure to go on a guided tour to get the most out of it.


Costa Rica has over 50 national parks, each with exceptional specimens of six distinct types of forest. Monteverde, the country's most renowned national park, offers a variety of guided and unguided excursions, but there are other more rainforests worth visiting. 

Remember that as the season changes, the flora and fauna available will also change.

Here's where you can learn more about Costa Rica's cloud forests, as well as get some recommendations.

Cycling in the Alps

Mountain biking is an increasingly popular activity in Costa Rica, with residents and visitors alike enjoying it as a terrific opportunity to observe the wildlife on both sides of the route. Thankfully, there are several mountain biking trails around the nation, as well as enough opportunities to rent bikes near many of the trails' entrances.

I suggest visiting this website to learn more about mountain riding in Costa Rica, including recommendations.

Beaches (Beaches)

When most people think of a vacation or simply travel in general, they frequently picture themselves relaxing on a beach. There is enough to offer, whether you choose to stay at a Costa Rican beachfront resort or spend your time trying to explore all of the beaches. The coast of Costa Rica is lined with wonderful beaches that can accommodate a variety of activities, including:

- Horseback riding down the beach and through the forest in some areas - Surfing is especially good at certain times of the year; do your research beforehand - Scuba diving is a popular activity that provides insight into another dimension of Costa Rica's wildlife - Sports fishing charters are common, and offer unique experiences catching various sports varieties

Churches from the past

Costa Rica, like most of Latin America, is a loud and proud Catholic nation, with more than 70% of the population identifying as Roman Catholic. Even though it is a primarily Catholic country, just 45 percent of local Catholics consider themselves to be 'practicing.' Every town has a Sunday church, and going to church is still a popular pastime for young and elderly alike.

There are numerous old churches in the area that might be the highlight of a Catholic family vacation or a Catholic couple's honeymoon.

- The Coronado Church in San Isidro de Coronado is a beautiful example of neo-Gothic architecture, which is so popular in Europe.

- Cartago's Iglesia de San Jose de Orosi is Costa Rica's oldest church, still conducting services to this day, and displays a typical colonial design that has been well preserved.

- The Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles (Our Lady of the Angels Basilica) is situated in Cartago and has sculptures and artwork that should not be missed.


Costa Rica's eco-tourism, which is already gaining traction around the nation, is an up-and-coming part of the country's tourism. They've been seen in a variety of settings, including a Costa Rican beach resort. 

These establishments provide a variety of sustainable options, such as plant-based meals, and often promote a better lifestyle. Keep your eyes out for LuvBurger, a plant-based burger company that hopes to improve the world one burger at a time.

Be a Generous Traveler

Finally, remember that you are merely a guest in Costa Rica and that many residents could only dream of vacationing in a Costa Rican beachfront resort. 

By showing grace and gratitude when interacting with the Ticos and Ticas you can reciprocate all they have given you by welcoming you to their country. By a few souvenirs and help the local artisans.